Why is natural daylight best

Why is natural daylight best for your business?

Daylight is important for various businesses, whether you are a colour analyst, cosmetologist, photographer or hairdresser. But what is natural daylight and why is it so important?


Colour temperature

The colour temperature of light is usually expressed in Kelvin (K) and mainly determines the colour of the light source and virtually any type of light source available. For example Tunxten lights are easily available with a colour temperature of 2200K (warm white) – 8000K (very cold white). But which colour is best for which type of application?



When you need “daylight”, it’s important to first determine which colour temperature this is. The picture below shows that the natural daylight has a different colour. These colours are based on an day without any clouds, in the shade, which means that on a slightly cloudy or heavily cloudy day these colours will be different. Using direct sunlight on a person or object causes exposure on the yellow side of the spectre and is therefore not neutral.

Light instensity

In addition to the colour of light, the light intensity is very important. Light intensity is usually expressed in lumen. For makeup and colour analysis, the customer is usually close to a mirror, and when external lighting is used or expose the customer, it is important that the lamps are not too bright because overexposure causes an unnatural look.

Which exposure do I need?

Colour analysis: If you want the customer to get color advice based on neutral daylight, it is best to use lamps with a color temperature between 5800K and 6200K. The intensity of light depends on the distance between the lamps and the customer. If you use a daylight mirror like that of NaturalColour then the distance is about 1 meter and then use a light intensity of between 650 and 750 lumen. Also take care of 2 lamps that are parallel to each other (1 left and 1 right of the customer) because 1 lamp shades in the face of the customer.

Makeup: with visagie it is important that you first determine the light conditions in which the make-up should be at its best. There are 2 situations:

Artificial ambience: If the makeup is applied to a person who needs to work in an artificial light environment, it is advisable to use the same color light as on the set. Applications are (fashion) shows, photography and TV.

Daylight environment: If the makeup is intended for example bridal photography, TV reports outside or other daylight situations, the best daylight can be used. Here too too, too much light causes an unnatural environment.

Colour measurement

NaturalColour has the ability to perform a colour measurement onsite. A colour measurement can be done using a sensitive light gauge. By performing multiple measurements, you get a good idea of the light colour and strength of the venue and what you need to do to get the perfect ambient lighting.